Internet poker rooms – Play poker without going to casino

Playing poker online has to be done through the internet. With the leap in the number of internet users the world over, Internet poker games have become very popular. It is easier to play poker online as the costs of the providers are much less compared to casinos or real life poker game arenas. Players in casinos usually not allowed to play unless they start with a high amount whereas in Internet poker, the sites allow stakes as low as just 2 cents.

Internet poker sites waive entry fees for beginners to lure them for tournaments. Although chances of fraud are high in online poker sites, but there are systems in place for detecting any fraud between players unlike casinos where none such firewalls exist. Card history of players can easily be monitored in Internet poker sites to get an insight into their behavioral; pattern that is not possible in casinos where players can conceal what they hold without getting detected.

By early last year there were several online poker sites that newcomers could choose from. But still the system to detect who is coming in from where is not at a very advanced stage still. Less than fifty sites could be detected online and even now, traffic in Internet poker games is restricted to just a few well known sites like Poker network, Full tilt poker and Poker stars. It is only in Full tilt poker that the majority of the games are played with all the ten top winners coming from there.

The legal angle that is common to casino gambling sites applies to Internet poker games. After the legalization bill was passed in 2005 by House of Representatives in North Dakota, Internet poker games in the US got some sanction, but Internet poker sites had to re-locate to the state for the law to take effect.

You can play poker now with all comfy at home.  No need for you to take a travel just for you to go to a casino or anywhere that offers this kind of card game you enjoy. One of these popular rooms is FullTilt poker that offers you different bonuses and variety of games as well as promotions.  There is also Wass poker, which you can find online that runs a plenty of free poker tournaments and has an reliable customer support team