VLTs & Gambling are Addictive

There are a vast number of activities that we can participate in that cost little money.  It won’t put a hole in your pocket going hiking or biking.  Most of us enjoy a hobby that takes us outside when time and weather allow.  

But there are people that have become a victim of the addiction of VLTs (video lottery terminals).  These people will sit for hours donating their money to these machines, without realizing that the ‘hobby’ has become a big problem.

It is good for everyone to have a hobby, people that are content in life do.  A person’s recreational activity shouldn’t be one that hurts the emotional or financial well-being of their family.  Gambling at the VLTs or playing poker might have started as an innocent pasttime for some, but it has a way of controling your life once a person becomes addicted.

In the long run many people that started gambling as a hobby have found the awful outcome.  Eventually their family has to say ‘enough.’  Some have lost everything including their houses, vehicles, all their possessions acquired over years of hard work.  Their credit cards are maxed out and they are in financial ruin.

Some people find that VLTs and gambling are like a drug.  The whole act of betting their money on chance stimulates their brain causing excitement and anticipation of maybe winning.  Reminder to people:  VLTs weren’t invented to lose money.  they will only kick back a few dollars to keep the gambler playing and feeding.

Everybody knows that our economy is in poor shape.  There are so many other hobbies to choose from and lots of activities to do outside, it dosn’t make sence for people to want to hand over money so easily.  Don’t let VLTs and gambling control your life.

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