Why the Colour of Money Takes Guts to Play

A brand new show has hit our screens and it is set to take the whole globe by storm. The way the game works is as follows:

Players must select a starting colour, this will then show them there target price that they have to achieve. As an instant if they initially choose a prize of £60,000 they must that find that amount in the remaining boxes that they choose.

Once you have begun the game, you must then choose colours, the screen then begins to tick up by £1000 pounds, no body knows how much is in the machine, so you have to say stop before the money runs out, otherwise you will get nothing. The show take a not of nerve to play and I will let you know why.

You are only going to win huge amounts in this game if you have guts, for example if I was a quiet person and I went onto the game there is no way I would be able to hold my nerve so I would probably end up stopping each colour at £3000, this would then make me lose as there is no way I would reach the big milestone.

There are gutsy people in the game and there are also plain greedy people, some people just wait for the boxes to reach the highest amounts possible and it always ends up catching them out. You have to be clever and try to aim high but not too high, the best thing to do is try and work out the probability of getting a certain amount for each box then go for that, if you are an avid roulette or rakeback player then you will be a much better player on the game show as you will be able to hold your nerve.

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