Win the lottery through Mind over Matter

The secrets in winning the lottery are allegedly revealed in several articles and books. The truth is there is no secret. Lottery is a game of chance. Lottery is all about chance. How can you make yourself win it? The fact is that it’s as simple as mind over matter.

Law of Attraction

There is such a book and a documentary film entitled “Law of Attraction”. This book and film says that, what the mind can conceive, your body can achieve. Think of winning and think it all over again, that is the most important attitude. By this, a signal of your winning determination will be given to the universe. You will get it if you set your mind to it, which is the main idea. Of course, this is true not only in the lottery but in all things one desire. But it may be more difficult in lottery, however, knowing that many people has much desire as you do want to win. This is true, and, of course, because it is mainly a game of chance. To do this, you may need to visualize yourself winning the lottery over and over again, and before you know it, you may be watching it actually happen before your very eyes! The same thing happens when you play roulette in a casino.

Mind-Powerful Tool

Ever experienced thinking that something bad can happen and afterwards something bad really happened, strange isn’t it? There might be an explanation to it. A very powerful tool indeed is the mind. Even when it’s controlling your life you won’t realize it. Lets say a case when you purchased a ticket, but you thought how could you possibly win, and you really didn’t win. Where there was a moment you tried to join a raffle contest and you think that you could really win it! I’m lucky at this, and you did won. I know these are two different situations because it’s definitely easier to win on a raffle than in the lottery, but see, there is a mind-over-matter factor here. Your mind will send an external signal saying “I’m not willing to adjust. You adjust and make me win!”, when it place itself to something and disregards any thoughts of hesitations. Yes, it’s worth the try, I know, no matter how weird you think it may sound. You are in control of your mind, it is a very powerful tool. Taking advantage of that power will give you surprising results. It may be tried by those who are looking how to play roulette and win.

Simple? Not Really

This is not easily done, even though it may sound simple. There are a lot of people who have failed while trying it. Proper execution is the secret. You must never doubt and always be grateful for what you already have. Winning millions of dollars while gambling are not guaranteed when you use the law of attraction. Some small winning just enough for lunch money is still winning. Always be grateful of what you have, and you will attract more good things in your life. You must not whine about a small winning, which is just enough to get back the amount you’ve spent on buying the tickets. Just dream bigger and be fortunate of the reality that you have won back your ticket money. Mind over matter is relatively simple and may sound weird but it’s definitely worth a try!