What is No Deposit Poker?

Do you play poker online? Want to earn free cash or money to jump start your online poker playing? Some online poker websites offer you free cash when you register or sign up with them. This is called no deposit poker. The websites give you money so you can try their online poker for free. This is real money which you can withdraw or use as start-up capital when playing poker on their site.

In order to get the no deposit poker bonus you will have to register with a specific website. These websites will sometimes ask for your credit card details just to make sure you haven’t claimed the bonus already and to find out if you are of legal age. Other websites just ask for your basic information and will have someone call you up in validate the information you gave.

Different websites give out different bonus amounts and have different ways for you to claim them. Some online poker websites offer a $10 bonus just for signing up while others offer up to $150 just for joining their site. These sites may sometimes require you to play just one round of poker and after that, you decide what to do with your money. You can either withdraw the remaining amount or use it as capital, play to win and increase what you already have. Claiming these bonuses can be done in a few different ways. One way to do this is through crediting the bonus to your real bank account. Another way is through a third party website, these sites are usually the ones providing these bonuses so you will have to follow the steps they set up. The last way to get this bonus is by converting the money into poker chips and playing on their website.

Websites offer these bonuses to encourage you to sign-up with them and hopefully, spend some of your cash with them too. The no deposit poker bonus is given to persuade you to try their online poker rooms and join their online poker games. This offer can be compared to the bonuses and perks given by major casinos. The casinos give away free drinks, food vouchers, free hotel accommodation in order to keep their clients happy and to ensure that they keep coming back. Online poker sites give away free money to show how much grateful they are to their customers and players.